Thanks for visiting hombiztechhelp.com.

I am looking for ‘non-professional’ computer folks who know a lot about computer software and internet programs and are willing to help other non-professional folks who are struggling with the internet, trying to get their on-line projects going.

There is plenty of room here for professional tech people, too, but professional fees are often unreachable for very small business startups.  That’s why I am looking for retired folks, college and high school students and people with time on their hands to help out.

This website is a ‘public service’ project I created in response to my own frustrating internet experiences.  You can read about them on my post, “The Internet Is A Nightmare!” which appears elsewhere on this site.

I want to make absolutely clear that this is a free service.  We will not require or solicit any fee for you to post here.  That should mean better earnings for Freelancers.  In exchange, we would ask that you treat your clients fairly and do your best to help the people who come to you for help.

So, please take a look around, and if you decide to join us, go over to the ‘Freelancer Guidelines’ post and follow the simple instructions to get started.

Thanks for dropping by.


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