Hi, all.

I started this website as a ‘public service’ – truly.  I’m not here to make money off of you.  And I want to explain why I’m doing this.

For years I have been told, “If you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist!” 

So, in order to survive during my retirement years, I had a few websites created for me.  They met with moderate success.

As finances became – and are now – of concern, I began looking into ways to better promote my various projects.

I signed up for – bought into, is a better description – several online ‘marketing’ classes and schemes.  All of them had me chasing my tail and deciding I was the stupidest creature on the planet because I wasn’t able to make any of them ‘work’.

The reason for my dismay?

Not that my ideas or services were no good, but that I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the computer software programs they told me were ‘so easy’.

It felt like everything I tried I messed up.  Nothing was working like they told me it would work.

I spent hours – no exaggeration – over many days and those days turned into weeks and then into months and it seemed like I was getting stupider by the nanosecond.

Yes, I asked those ‘marketing class’ gurus for tech help and they all basically abandoned me.  [To be fair to those folks, they couldn’t possibly educate all of their ‘subscribers’ in basic computer/software skills.  They were too busy promoting their ‘successful’ students in order to sell more subscriptions.]

After suffering a year and a half with my last ‘class’, I began asking everyone I knew for help.  My friends just smiled like I was stupid for being stupid.  This went on until I became too embarrassed to ask anyone for help any more.

So, I turned to the internet, itself, seeking the sort of ‘basic’ help I needed to get past the first hurdles.  I found many – expensive – ‘high end’ ‘professionals’ who didn’t want to help me because I was too stupid for them to talk to.

I didn’t need a massive ‘international roll-out’!  I needed someone to teach me why the menus on my webpage wouldn’t go where I placed them.

I needed to figure out why my posts kept disappearing.

I needed experienced advice on which ‘plug-ins’ to buy and how to use them.

Yet, the more I asked for help, the more humiliating the experience became.

Yes, some folks suggested that I take a ‘college class’ and I looked into that idea.

The local extension class offerings were very poor and rudimentary; I wasn’t THAT stupid!  And they wouldn’t have answered my needs.

The full-on college programs would take long and expensive years of study and I didn’t want to learn computer programming.  Even though I have earned several college degrees, I don’t think geek and I don’t enjoy the technology.

All I wanted was some basic help.

My experience was a nightmare.

And I kept wondering, “Why aren’t there any knowledgeable – but maybe not ‘professional’ – good people around who know a lot about the internet and computer software and what non-techies are going through who are willing to help?  For a reasonable price?”

So, I looked on the internet.

And couldn’t find any site like that.  (There are a lot of expensive sites, but no ‘people helping people’ sites like I wanted.)

So, I decided to make my own.

And this site is it.

So, what I’m looking for first of all are regular, honest folks who aren’t necessarily computer professionals but who know a lot of practical information on how to do what average people need to get done and are willing to help out for affordable rates and the blessings that come with ‘service to others’.

Then I need the folks who come here in need of such services to treat those helpers with gratitude and generosity.  If what your non-‘professional’ techie did results in profit to you, turn back around and appreciate the help you received.

I realize that what I am espousing here is nothing but old fashioned fairness, honesty and generosity that seems to be missing in the current culture of contentiousness.  But hopeless patriot that I am, I’m giving it a try.

I have paid all the expenses for this site for one year.

If at the end of that year this experiment seems in any way successful, I’ll keep it going another year.  [If I am the only person left on the planet who needs this kind of help, so be it…  I’ll let the site close after one year.]

I’m not asking for money from anybody – not techies that sign up to help out or the people who come here for help.

But I have set a ‘donation’ link on the home page for anyone who wants to help fund this site.  No donations are ‘required’, but if this site helps you in any way, a few dollars in donations would be appreciated.

If at the end of the second year there are enough in donations to pay for the expenses, I’ll keep the site open.

If not…I’ll consider my financial condition at that time a make a decision then.  I do hope all who come here treat each other well.

If we do, who knows what that might start…




PS:  If you are a ‘professional techie’ hungry for big fees, this is probably not the place for you.

If you are retired, a student who needs a little income on your own schedule (high school, even), just have some time on your hands, know something about software and programs and want to help, please join us.  We would love for you to help those of us who are struggling on the internet.

By the way, through the grace of God and a lot of prayers, I got the help I was begging for.  I met a nice guy – on line – who knew what he was doing, was willing to help me and didn’t try to gouge me for my few remaining pennies.  (In fact, he built this website that you are reading right now.)

This is just to say that good people still exist.  Even on the internet.

It is my hope that you meet your God-sent tech help – just as I meet mine – and that your home businesses find success.

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