Guidelines for Clients

Welcome to Home Biz Tech Help. Your website means as much to us as it means to you. We have nothing but the best wishes for your website and we hope that your experience here is nothing short of stellar. Our vision for this site was to help people who are drowning in the sea of web design and are desperate for help. At the very beginning, web design may look easy but it quickly becomes evident that there are many facets to coding and web design that are insurmountable for the novice. Our vision is to provide you, the client, with quality work from quality freelancers. That’s the first part of what we had in mind when we created this website. The second part was to provide freelancers with an opportunity to shine by creating quality web facilities for you, the client.

With that being said… here are a few things you should know:

1) Freelancers aren’t rich. They work like street vendors making paltry amounts of money for the amount of talent they possess. Most freelancers have multiple talents on multiple platforms. html, css, php, javascript, json, c++, c# and perl just to name a few. These guys know their stuff, so when they make a suggestion, our suggestion would be to take the suggestion seriously. The freelancer knows what he/she is talking about.

2) Our service is free. We don’t dabble in the payment arrangements that you and the freelancer have decided on or the amount of money involved. It will be a good suggestion that you consider paying your freelancer with Paypal. It’s a nice secure payment option and you won’t have to worry that any of your other payment options are hacked or otherwise violated. (ie: paying with your own credit card or by check)

3) We have provided a way for you and your freelancer to communicate. There is a ‘Messages’ option on the navigation menu, which is located on all of the pages of this site. Once your freelancer has messaged you on the job post (the job you posted) you can contact this freelancer directly thru the messaging service on the page listed above. You can also see the freelancers profile to help you decide if his/her talents are a right fit for your project.

As always, if you have problems or questions just drop us a line by visiting the Contact Us page. We hope your visit to the site is a pleasant one and we also hope that your website is a profitable one!

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